Carriage of oversize loads from Europe to: Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Georgia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Russia, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan implies the presence of special permissions, issuance and arrangement of a route and traffic pattern in legs of the route that are difficult to pass depending on dimensions and weight of the carried cargo. Our company executes oversize carriages of:

  • extensional equipment (containers of various volumes), large diameter pipes,
  • lifting (tower cranes) and drilling equipment,
  • tracklying and wheel-mounted specialized machinery (transportation of excavators, bulldozers, etc.),
  • agricultural, harvesting and civil engineering machinery and equipment (transportation of tractors, combiners, concrete batching plants, etc.),
  • fuel-power and industrial equipment (transportation of generators, transformers, etc.),
  • transportation of cutters, yachts, airplanes and other transport vehicles of large dimensions,
  • extraction and drilling units,
  • and other oversize and overweight loads.

We will promptly select the most advantageous transportation scheme of oversize load taking into account your requests. We guarantee delivery route arrangement with regulatory authorities (door-to-door).

Within our company you can get comprehensive advice on issues of oversize loads trucking. We will help you in selecting of the type of a transport vehicle, elaborating the route of an oversize load carriage, order drawing up and obtaining special permissions for the transit along the territory of all countries which an oversize cargo crosses. We will also arrange the escorting by pilot cars, police car, Road Patrol Service car where it is required by the rules of carriage (pilot) and regulated by special permissions. At the preparation stage for the carriage of oversize loads we will arrange the works on route and bridges survey, route cleaning and calculate the cost of these works, provide cargo insurance and armed escorts in case of necessity. It is possible to track cargo movement and get reliable information at any time throughout its entire route.

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