Dangerous goods transportation (according to international convention there are 9 classes of dangerous goods) requires the meeting of special conditions, rules and instructions, and also the use of different transport vehicles types: from standard tautliners, insulated trucks and refrigerator trucks to platform trucks and truck tanks. Dangerous goods transportation is our work and cooperating with us you can be sure that your cargo will be delivered at place safely.

List of dangerous goods:

Class 1: explosive materials,

Class 2: compressed, liquified and dissolved under pressure gases,

Class 3: flammable liquids,

Class 4: flammable solid cargoes and substances;

cargoes and substances liable to spontaneous combustion;

cargoes and substances which, in contact with water, emit flammable gases,

Class 5: oxidizing substances and organic peroxides;

Class 6: toxic substances and infectious cargoes and substances,

Class 7: radioactive materials,

Class 8: corrosive cargoes and substances,

Class 9: miscellaneous dangerous cargoes and substances.

For the transportation of dangerous goods the company ProSped Private Trade Unitary Enterprise is ready to provide you with purpose-designed licensed trucks equipped according to the class of dangerous goods being transported, and also the services rendered by competent staff which have been given specialized training.    

Our company arranges dangerous goods transportation from the countries of the European Union to the countries of the CIS and Middle Asia.


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